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Meet Kira, your photographer

have a bit of a whirlwind story and background that has definitely shaped who I am and the photographer I have become. I was born in the USA to a Danish father and American mother, French grandmother and Iraqi grandfather -so multi-cultural to say the least!


Traveling has always been in my blood (started at the ripe young age of 3!) and over the last 15 years I have visited 70+ countries and lived in France, Senegal, Rwanda and Denmark which has been my home since 2009 where I met my wonderful boyfriend Morten! 


I studied a dual language Masters in International Relations, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development in Paris (many years ago!) and now I have been working the last 10+ years in the field of international development and I absolutely love it.

Photography, my happy accident

Several years ago I realised I was missing my creative outlet - and therefore picked up a camera originally to document our crazy African adventures in 2012. Since - it is very rare that I do not have my camera with me wherever I go:) It brings me immense joy and it is something which constantly challenges me and where I never stop learning. Getting to share that passion with you -documenting your story -is just that much better. 

I love to live life to the fullest - that means making special time, no matter what, for the things I love most: family, friends, Morten, photography, traveling, exercise, the outdoors, yoga, everything French, chocolate and coffee:)


Here are 7 fun random things to know about me:

1. I was a gymnast for the almost 16 years of my life and had a dream of doing it in college when I detached my quadracep from my knee cap - no more gymnastics after that!

2. If I could live outside I would - that is how much I love nature and the outdoors - I even tried winter bathing for the first time in 2019 and am a total fan.

3. I speak English, French and Danish - tried once to learn Arabic taught in French,failed but hope to try again someday

4. I am a total wanderlust and I dream one day of visiting every country in the world -I get the itch anytime I am at home or in one place too long


5. Reading is another passion - I usually have at least 10 upcoming books on my list 

6. My nanny has always been my best friend - before she got dementia, she really did know me like no one else in the world


7. Ice cream would be my staple food if I could only chose one -I LOVE coffee, lemon, liquorice and mint chocolate chip!

People would likely describe me as: Adventurous, Fun, Friendly and Warm-hearted! Here are some fun photos of me in my element!

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